People think visually.

Perspective serves as a bridge between the written word and images which illustrate and convey a desired mood or message.

EPCON Sign Group believes the expertise represented with the signage programs in this site illustrate memorable imagery supporting our clients’ objectives.

Recent News:

EPCON Sign Group was recently honored to have two signs, Bob Smith Lincoln Mercury and the 12th Planet, included in the “Sign Gallery: The Worlds Best Signs” volume 6. These two signs were 2 of 3 that received national awards from a recent International Sign Contest. EPCON strives to present each client with leading edge design, fabrication and service.
Epcon Sign Group, in coordination with AD Creative Group has just completed the 33,000 square foot facility renovation for the South Rim, Grand Canyon General Store signage program. This facility serves over 2.8 million visitors per year. The program consisted on over 250 grocery and retail applications dedicated to the Canyon history and Native American culture.
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